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Coach’s Corner!

A new feature on the CrossFit Novem website, Coach’s Corner will be a place to find weekly inspiration, insight, “know-how,” and even a few questions from your own Novem trainers! Looking for more information on topics like The Open, mobility, lifting technique, competition styles, functional fitness, and more? Coach’s Corner is the place to be. In fact, if there’s a subject you would like us to research and expound on in the future, be sure to tell Joe, Lesha, or Rachel what you’re interested in learning more about!


A Guide For The First Time Competitor

As coaches, we often get asked about competitions from members who have been doing CrossFit for about 6 months to a year.  Usually it’s members of the community who have been crushing most class workouts and getting some serious PRs.  For others, itis because they used to be a competitive athlete and its in their

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Working Out Sick… Should you sweat it out? Or rest and recover?

‘Tis the season of the flu, colds, allergies and this awful congestion thing that have folks have been sick with for 2+ weeks, what is that!?… Regardless let’s shed some light on the subject of  “Should I come into the gym and sweat it out or should I stay home and recover?…” I am sharing

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Yoga, The Oil Can For Your WODS

Okay, you know you’ve said it: “I can’t do yoga because I’m not flexible.” WELL, you’re in luck! Because you are exactly who should be in a yoga class. In a perfect world, we would all give the same amount of concentrated time and dedication to a mobility/recovery/yoga program as we do on our

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Fitness In The 30 Club

Let’s face it, we have all been in the situation where you are in the gym and there is always someone who seems to be younger and “better” at what you do. The first thing that comes to my mind is, “if only I was younger..” Well fear not fellow “Masters,” I have some tips and

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When are you an RX+ Athlete

When Are You an Rx+ Athlete? We love being able to offer different levels of programs to our athletes. Those of our beginners that are still perfecting movements are encouraged to scale, our more seasoned athletes fulfill our rx standards, and our more accelerated clients- the ones with a competition focus, are the ones in …

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