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  • Alcohol & Dieting – Renaissance Periodization Blog

    Alcohol & Dieting – Renaissance Periodization Blog

    Renaissance Periodization Blog Alcohol & Dieting by Nicholas Shaw on Dec 21 2016   By: Tiago Vasconcelos Alcohol: the most popular drug on the planet. Likely loved for its anxiety-reducing effect, there are records of its use as far back as 10,000 BC, and it’s estimated that on average, each adult consumes approximately 4.3 L of

  • Training vs. Practice

    Training vs. Practice

    As we approach the CrossFit Open in late February, I want to plant a seed in your heads about training vs. practice. The reason for bringing up the CrossFit Open is because every year they are putting more and more complex movements in the their workouts. These complex movements are about skill not necessarily strength.

  • What’s a Macro?….

    What’s a Macro?….

      What’s a macro? What are macros? How do I get macros? Will they help me advance my followers on Instagram?… Macros are referencing to macronutrients. Macronutrients are comprised of Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats (ideally healthy fats) and with the right balance of these 3 macronutrients you can feel your absolute best. This past February

  • Take Care of Your Feet!

    Take Care of Your Feet!

    Guys, foot reflexology is amazing! We preach heavily on taking care of your bodies before & after working out. After care is one of the most important tasks to keep those soft tissues sliding and healthy. As much time as you spend in the gym self care is just as important as the exercise routine

  • Coach’s Corner: Marathon Season

    Coach’s Corner: Marathon Season

    Spring has sprung (a leak it seems, if you ask the weather!) and you know what that means: Running Season! For many of the athletes at Novem that means we’re already counting down to our first race days. Personally, I am an “on again/off again, slow & steady” runner (a handful of 5ks, Mud Runs,

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