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CrossFit Novem’s Athlete of the Month: Elyse


Behind the scenes with our CrossFit Novem’s Athletes of the Month, Elyse!

What got you into CrossFit?
I tried a lot of different things before crossfit, but nothing seemed to be quite the right fit.  I was looking for something challenging, but a quick in-and-out.  Also with my off work hours it really helps that classes are offered at multiple times throughout the day.

Name a fitness goal that you have.

I have a few fitness goals I would like to accomplish-

1. unassisted pull-ups:  I can’t wait until I don’t have to set up bands for myself 🙂

2. double unders: I recently was able to a double under, now I  just need to work on stringing them together

3. handstand push-ups

Tell us one thing about yourself that no one in the gym knows about you.
I was driving to my college graduation practice in Philly, merging onto the ramp to the Ben Franklin Parkway.  This pitbull comes barreling down the ramp towards my car so naturally, the animal lover that I am, stopped the car and starting running after it.  However, he turned to run from me and ran into oncoming 676 traffic.  I chased after him to stop traffic and coax him back to the shoulder of the ramp.  A man got out of his car with rope to help me grab him and put him in my car.  Little did I know the bus taking the students who did not drive themselves to graduation practice was stuck behind my car.  Everyone was late for practice and the worst part was one of my mom’s best friends was the director of the entire thing so I had to explain myself to her when I arrived MUCH  later.  The story had a happy ending because I kept the sweet boy after learning he had no home and named him Franklin for being found on the Ben Franklin Parkway.

What is your Athletic background?
I was heavily involved in basketball and softball growing up.  I played travel softball from about 9yrs old-18yrs old.  In high school I played both and was a 100 career hit achiever for softball.  I coached at many kids summer camps for both sports.  I chose not to play in college, which I regret.  I did play intramural sports and immersed myself into yoga, which was a completely different form of exercise then I was used to.

Favorite Benchmark, wod, and lift.
I’m not sure of the names of the benchmarks so I apologize, but I enjoy anything involving cleans and/or squats with pull ups.

How has CrossFit impacted your life?

I was skeptical when I was thinking about doing CrossFit because of the different stereotypes.  I honestly did not think I would love it as much as I do and it has been such a positive addition to my life. I always look forward to the workouts and I think the fact that everyone is so supportive of each other and there’s no judging only adds to the quality of my day not only physically, but mentally.

CrossFit has also propelled me into taking my healthy lifestyle to the next level, nutritionally.  I started consulting with Lesha’s wife, Morgan, as one of her nutrition clients.  The combination of that and CrossFit have made me look and feel much better about myself.

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