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CrossFit Novem’s Athlete of the Month: Gayle


Behind the scenes with our CrossFit Novem’s Athletes of the Month, Gayle!

What got you into CrossFit?
I moved to Philly about a year ago and joined a globo-gym but found myself uninspired. I found myself searching for something more challenging that also included a bit of a social element. After doing a bit of research on CrossFit and finding the stellar reviews of CrossFit Novem, I decided to take the plunge.

Name a fitness goal that you have.
I have too many, but gimme that strict pull-up!

Tell us one thing about yourself that no one in the gym knows about you.
I hate coconut and coconut flavored/scented items with the passion of one thousand burning suns.

What is your Athletic background?
I was a competitive swimmer growing up and I played rugby in college.

Favorite Benchmark, wod, and lift.
I’ll take Fight Gone Bad because of the variety of movements involved. Any workout that doesn’t include the jump rope works for me. My favorite lift has got to be the clean and jerk.

How has CrossFit impacted your life?
I have so much more energy than I did before I started CrossFit. I feel stronger and more confident every time I step into the gym. I’ve also met some amazing people along the way (I’m looking at you 7:30).

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