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CrossFit Novem’s Athlete of the Month: Joan Miller


Behind the scenes with our CrossFit Novem’s Athletes of the Month, Joan Miller!

What got you into CrossFit?
Lesha and all my current and past rugby teammates who also go to Crossfit gyms got me into Crossfit. When Lesha and Joe first opened up Novem, Lesha offered our team an opportunity to do an on-ramp to check out the gym. I knew then that it was something I was interested in pursuing, but it wasn’t until this past November that I decided to get back into playing rugby and I wanted to be fit enough and strong enough to do so.

Name a fitness goal that you have.
Unassisted pull-ups. I look forward to not frantically setting up bands and a box before a wod. I’d also like to ride my bike to the gym a couple days a week.

Tell us one thing about yourself that no one in the gym knows about you.
I used to really dislike being called ‘Joanie’, but now I find it endearing when people do. My favorite is when friends address me by my first and middle names: Joan Monica. I would never introduce myself either way, though.

What is your Athletic background?
Growing up, I played soccer, softball, and basketball. In middle school and high school, I played lacrosse and field hockey. I played rugby in college and for four years at the women’s club level for the Philadelphia Women’s Rugby Football Club. I took a couple years off and started playing again this past spring.

Favorite Benchmark, wod, and lift.
Benchmark – Kelly
WOD – Fight Gone Bad
Lift – Snatch

How has CrossFit impacted your life?
Crossfit has helped me be the morning person I never thought I could be. I currently work a mid-shift at my job, and Sleepy Joan hates waking up to work out at 6am. But I am really into having time to make myself a solid breakfast and lunch and setting myself up to be a successful human throughout the day!

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