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CrossFit Novem’s Athlete of the Month: Kyle


Behind the scenes with our CrossFit Novem’s Athletes of the Month, Kyle!

What got you into CrossFit?
I plateaued with my lifts using traditional weights and just didn’t feel much motivation in the gym. Crossfit appealed to me by utilizing athleticism in workouts while still working on core lifts.

Name a fitness goal that you have.
I’ve wanted to complete a ring muscle up, and actually accomplished that a few weeks ago. My next goal is to chain a few together.

Tell us one thing about yourself that no one in the gym knows about you.
I like to travel a lot. I’m always trying to take advantage of long weekends to fly to a new city. I’m heading to Europe for two weeks in July, not looking forward to that first WOD once I am back!

What is your Athletic background?
High school I played some football, hockey, and was a sprinter. College I mostly stuck with intramurals.

Favorite Benchmark, wod, and lift.
I’m a front squat fan. Squatting is a total body lift, but the addition of keeping that bar up in front of you presents a unique challenge. Also, any workout where pull ups are involved are great.

How has CrossFit impacted your life?
I’ve noticed improvements physically and mentally since starting. I also noticed a huge change in my cardio, as that’s something I never was too focused on. The motivation and push from the coaches as well as others in my classes has definitely taken things to a new level.

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