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Novem Barbell Club’s Athlete of the Month: Kasia

Behind the scenes with our Barbell Athlete of the Month, Kasia!

How or when did your focus shift to concentrating on Novem’s Barbell Club programming?
Since I started Crossfit a few months ago, I realized I really want to work on my form during lifts, not only to prevent an injury, but also to be able to progress. I signed up for one Barbell class just to try it out and instantly liked
how I could really take my time to work on the technique of each lift. And so I made it a part of my routine.

Tell us one thing about yourself that no one in the gym knows about you.
As a child and through my teenage years I went to music school and played classical piano for 13 years. Also, I can make pretty decent homemade pierogis.

What is your Athletic background?
Other than being on the swimming team in middle school for a split second, I don’t really have any athletic background. In college, fitness was pretty low on my priority list, I only started working out regularly about 5 years ago after realizing how out of shape I was.

What is your favorite of the two competition lifts and why?
I kind of have a love-hate relationship with the snatch. It is definitely the most challenging lift for me, since my upper body strength is not great, but there is something so graceful about it and I love the flow of it. That’s what makes me want to keep getting better at it.

What do you find most rewarding with the competition style of lifting?
Progress. Seeing myself being able to lift a little bit more each time is very rewarding and encouraging. Also, I find lifting to be pretty badass, so there’s that too 🙂

Do you have any goals or aspirations to compete?
I have honestly never given it any thought, since I am nowhere near the competition standards strengh-wise, but if I ever get there, who knows?

How has Novem Barbell Club impacted your training and your life?
Coaches at Novem helped me get in the best shape of my life. I’ve been hopping around gyms before working out on my own, but I have never been this challenged and I for sure would never push myself as hard.

On a more personal level, not being from the area, or the country for that matter, I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate the Novem community. You guys helped me make Philly home.

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