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Novem Barbell Club’s Athlete of the Month: Steve Slater


Behind the scenes with our Barbell  Athlete of the Month, Steve Slater.

How or when did your focus shift to concentrating on Novem’s Barbell Club programming?
About a year and a half ago Andrew suggested that I sign up for a strongman comp at crossfit center city. He showed me what to train and after the comp I was hooked.

Tell us one thing about yourself that no one in the gym knows about you.
This is a tuff one after 3 years everyone knows a little something. But if I had to think of something it’s probably that I have a tattoo on my butt that says made in the USA but I’m going to save those details for the bootcamp athlete of the month questionnaire.

What is your Athletic background?
I’ve been at novem almost 3 years before that not much athletic background to speak of.

What is your favorite of the two competition lifts and why?
This is an easy one. This quote from legendary strongman ​Jón Páll Sigmarsson​ says it all “There is no reason to be alive if you can do deadlift” I love everything about the deadlift and all of its many forms.

What do you find most rewarding with the competition style of lifting?
There is nothing better than setting a goal and achieving it. Any time a comp has a max lift I pick a number and focus on hitting it at the comp. in my last two comps I got a 15lb logpess PR of 265 and a 20lb deadlift PR of 580.

Do you have any goals or aspirations to compete?
To reach the podium at Pennsylvania’s Strongest Man in July.

How has Novem Barbell Club impacted your training and your life?
None of this would have happen with out Joe and Lesha they have gone above and beyond to accommodate and encourage my strongman training. They’ve let me take over an entire corner of their gym with my weird giant dumbbell and have never once asked me to quiet down the obnoxiously loud noises I make while training.

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