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Novem BootCamp’s Athlete of the Month: Allie

Behind the scenes with our BootCamp Athlete of the Month, Allie!

What made you decide to join our Novem BootCamp?
I was looking for a gym to motivate me to actually want to work out more, and I had always walked past Novem but was too nervous to go in alone. One day I was talking to my friend Jackie about it and she had mentioned wanting to try it too, so we went to a drop in class together. We were both sore and exhausted, but also hooked. One year later and we’re both still here and still hooked!

Name a fitness goal that you have.
Push ups without bands, double unders without my hair getting in the way!

Tell us one thing about yourself that no one in the gym knows about you.
I speak fluent Spanish and love traveling, especially within Spanish-speaking countries. I’ve been to Argentina, Uruguay, Spain, Mexico, and Colombia.

What is your Athletic background?
I’m super clumsy and had never considered myself an athletic person. Before joining BootCamp I hated going to the gym because I never felt like I knew what I was doing, but now I feel a lot more comfortable. I love that the classes here have forced me to push myself and try new things.

What is your Favorite and Least Favorite Movement? Why?
Favorite — pull-ups; even though I still use bands, pull-ups are one movement where I can actually feel myself getting stronger. I’d love to be able to do them without bands some day.
Least favorite — burpees for sure! No matter how good I feel during a workout they always wear me out.

How has BootCamp changed your outlook on everyday life?
I never thought I’d become one of those people who look forward to coming to the gym, but I actually do! I am constantly surprised by what my body can do when pushed, and always feel better after leaving class. I genuinely feel more accomplished, confident, and excited to continue to try new things, both in and outside of the gym.

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