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Novem BootCamp’s Athlete of the Month: Pat


Behind the scenes with our BootCamp Athlete of the Month, Pat.

What made you decide to join our NovemBootCamp?
I was initially a little intimated by CrossFit but I felt very welcomed by everyone at novem and the coaches are excellent. BootCamp interested me because it is more of a cardio workout and less focused on weightlifting. I like working out in a group and not knowing what to expect until I show up.

Name a fitness goal that you have.
want to complete an Olympic triathlon this summer.

Tell us one thing about yourself that no one in the gym knows about you.

I love gardening.

What is your Athletic background?

I played tennis in high school and college.

What is your Favorite and Least Favorite Movement? Why?
I like movements that I have gotten better at since I started. My favorite is wall ball shots because I’ve made the most progress with them. Least favorite is toes to bar because it has been harder for me to improve on them.

How has BootCamp changed your outlook on everyday life?
BootCamp has changed my life. I’ve lost 30 pounds since I started and it has given me more confidence to reach other goals I’ve set for myself.

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