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Novem BootCamp’s Athlete of the Month: Steph

Behind the scenes with our BootCamp Athlete of the Month, Steph!

What made you decide to join our Novem BootCamp?
I found myself going to a regular gym every day and doing the minimum just to get in and out quickly. I needed a gym that would encourage me to push myself. A few years ago my friend Steve told me Novem was a pretty cool place with awesome instructors… he was right!

Name a fitness goal that you have.
Hand-stand pushup. Half way there, gonna do it.

Tell us one thing about yourself that no one in the gym knows about you.
I’m an aerospace engineer for Boeing’s Osprey Program. I put myself through night classes to get my Technology Engineering Masters and am currently helping start up a new Military and Defense Mod program with Boeing. Novem helps me let loose and focus on myself after a stressful day.

What is your Athletic background?
As a kid, I played every sport- ballet, soccer, gymnastics, softball, swimming… through college I stuck with club soccer and then joined an adult soccer league in Philly a few years ago, despite sustained knee injuries in college. I love team sports, which is probably why I love the atmosphere at Novem.

What is your Favorite and Least Favorite Movement? Why?
Favorite movement is Russian Twist, probably because of the instant gratification (the slow burning/death feeling) my body gets for doing weighted ab movements. Least favorite is definitely Seal Walks because they make me want to fall over and throw up.

How has BootCamp changed your outlook on everyday life?
Novem has shown me that you can constantly work on self-improvement while supporting your “team mates” to do the same, which is a pretty cool life lesson in general. The encouragement I’ve received from the coaches at Novem has pushed me to physically do more than I thought I’d ever be able to do, including working safely through all of my knee-related issues.

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