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CrossFit Novem – Being Fit Is Our Sport

To us, CrossFit means more than just a great workout. Here at CrossFit Novem we are about the community. Joe and Lesha met each other at another affiliate here in the city and we have both met many friends through CrossFit. These friendships and connections create bonds that go deeper than just wanting to lose weight and look good naked. They are the bonds that inspire our clients/athletes to make lasting fitness a way of life. Traditional gyms try to emphasize the ways that they can get people into shape or get them to sign a contract and hope they don’t show up. We want you to show up 3 to 5 times a week and have FUN every single time you come in.

CrossFit brings together unique groups of people in pursuit of a common interest – lifelong fitness and well-being. Size, athletic ability and age are not important to us. It is our goal to show anyone who walks through our doors that fitness is not only important for their own well-being, but also to the people they care about. What could be more powerful than giving someone the fitness that they need to chase their grandchildren around the backyard? Anyone can do this! Is it for everyone? It can be; the workouts are universally scalable. It’s for people who don’t mind working hard and getting stronger.

(Our On-Ramp course is required for any new member with out prior CrossFit experience)
Unlimited Membership: $165/month
3-Times-A-Week (3x) Membership: $149/month
2-Times-A-Week (2x) Membership: $135/month

Couples Discount (those that play together stay together!)
Unlimited Membership: $275/month
3-Times-A-Week (3x) Membership: $250/month
Note: With this membership you will be allowed to take CrossFit classes along with BootCamp classes). Please email us at info@crossfitnovem.com if you have any concerns)

You Must Be an experienced in CrossFit for at least 3 months: $20 per class
(please email us at least 48 hours in advance at info@crossfitnovem.com prior to signing up for a class and introduce yourself to let us know you are coming in for a WOD, along with how long you have been doing CrossFit and the name of your current Box. We can’t wait to meet you!)

$25 for a 1 hour overview of our movement standards and scalings.
(this is for athletes who have been practicing CrossFit prior to joining CrossFit Novem.)

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