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Joe Ling

Joe Ling (Co-Owner/Head Coach)

Whether playing football, riding bikes with friends, or competing in high school track and field, Joe has always had a strong passion for exercise.  But as he got older and fell into his daily “grown-up” routine, Joe’s health took a back seat in life.  On his 30th birthday, Joe realized he was overweight and knew something had to change.  He spent the next two years gym-hopping throughout South Jersey and Philadelphia, trying to stay engaged with the workouts he knew he needed to stay healthy.
In 2009, Joe heard whispers of something called “CrossFit”– a new kind of workout that was fun, exciting, and results-driven.  CrossFit challenged him both physically and mentally and he was hooked after his first workout. Joe loves CrossFit’s focus on staying healthy through proper diet and exercise, but he believes that the true bonus of CrossFit is the community created by the owners and members.  Building on that love for community and fitness, Joe is excited to take his love for CrossFit to new heights at CrossFit Novem and is looking forward to helping people in the CrossFit Novem community to reach their full potential in health, exercise, and life.

•    CrossFit Level 1 Trainer 2011
•    CrossFit Level 2 2012
•    CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certification
•    Wilkes Olympic Lifting Seminar 2011
•    Carl Paoli Freestyle Connection Gymnastics Movement Seminar 2012
•    David Spitz California Strength Olympic Lifting Seminar 2012
•    Rudy Nielsen Outlaw Way Seminar 2013
•    AED/CPR Certified 

•    USAW Level 2 Certified 2016
• 2015 Masters PAM-AMs Gold Medalist – 62kg weight class (35-40)
• 2016 Masters PAM-AMs Gold Medalist – 56kg weight class (35-40)
• 2015 Master World Cup Gold Medalist – 56kg weight class (35-40)

Lesha Vozobule

Lesha Vozobule (Co-Owner/Head CrossFit & Barbell Coach)

A Ragin’ Cajun by birth, Lesha has called Philadelphia home for the past seventeen years. Lesha was consistently involved in sports from a young age, spending her high school years competing in powerlifting competitions and excelling as a cross-country runner. After college, Lesha played rugby for more than six years with the Philadelphia Women’s Rugby Football Club and loved the camaraderie and competition that rugby provided. In 2009, with retirement from rugby fast-approaching, Lesha realized that she needed an alternative athletic outlet to maintain her commitment to fitness.  With her background in powerlifting, CrossFit provided her with the perfect combination of intensity, community, and a never-ending combination of ways increase her fitness. Lesha has been an avid CrossFitter for eight years and has been a CrossFit trainer for the almost seven years. She has a tremendous passion for training and competing, along with a deep love for coaching her athletes to reach their peak in overall fitness.

•    CrossFit Level 1 Trainer 2010
•    CrossFit Level 2 Trainer 2011
•    USA-Weightlifting National Level Coach

•    CrossFit Motion and Mobility Certification
•    CrossFit Running Certified (CrossFit Certified Pose Instructor)
•    CrossFit Coaches’ Prep Course 2011
•    USA-Weightlifting Certified Sports Coach (2010)
•    USA-Weightlifting Level 2 (2013)
• USA-Weightlifting National Level Coach (2015)
•    Wilkes Olympic Lifting Seminar 2010
•    Carl Paoli Freestyle Connection Gymnastics Movement Seminar 2012
•    David Spitz California Strength Olympic Lifting Seminar 2012

•    Rudy Nielsen Outlaw Way Seminar 2013
•    Basic Olympic Lifting Certification – Leo Totten & Mike McKenna – East Coast Gold 2013
•    AED/CPR Certified
•    2015 Masters PAM-AMs Bronze Medalist – 53kg weight class (35-40)
•    2016 Masters PAM-AMs Silver Medalist – 53kg weight class (35-40)
•    2015 Master World Cup Gold Medalist – 48kg weight class (35-40)
•    Current PA State record holder in the Masters 48kg weight class in Snatch, Clean & Jerk & Total.
•    Current PA State record holder in the Masters 53kg weight class in Clean & Jerk & Total.


Jessi Burgess (Assistant CrossFit & BootCamp Coach)

Jessi is a Fishtown native but found CrossFit in Los Angeles in 2011 on accident. She interviewed to do desk and sales at a CrossFit out there. Her first workout made her wonder what she was getting herself into. Within two weeks she was in love. It was unlike anything she had ever done and challenged her physically and mentally.

Moving back to Philly in 2012, she dedicated most of her free time to strength training and skill development for competitions. In 2014 she was in need of a change and nervously attended her first class at Novem. Novem’s supportive and upbeat environment was just what she needed in her new home. She credits Joe and Lesha with reminding her how fun CrossFit is and should be.

Growing up Jessi did not play sports and was a couch potato. Her interest in fitness started at 18 with the regular gym and dance classes. Since then Jessi has taught dance for 4+ years, personal trained, and now is pursuing a degree as a physical therapy assistant. She enjoys participating in local competitions with her friends, but in the past competed at higher level CrossFit competitions.

• Crossfit level 2 Trianer- (2015)

• USA-Weightlifting Certified Sports Performance Coach (2017)

Rachel Redden (Assistant CrossFit & Head BootCamp Coach, Yoga Teacher)

Rachel found herself at her first CrossFit class in the fall of 2011 in her birthplace of New Jersey, but now she happily calls Fishtown and Novem her home. Before all of that, however, Rachel found her jam as a Yogi. Growing up a performer, an athletic life didn’t really come into play until college, where she balanced school, working two jobs, and performing. Through an unexpected work of fate, Rachel fell into a yoga practice that changed the way she thought about the body and she never looked back. In 2009, she completed a 230-hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Certification. In 2010, she got herself certifications in Mat Pilates through Balanced Body University, Prenatal Yoga, and Yoga for Athletes and Recovery. She has dedicated a lot of time in the past 6 years furthering her knowledge by attending extensive workshops in Yin Yoga, Rehabilitative Yoga, Anatomy and Physiology, and Functional Mobility. Rachel learned that—although yoga is her sweet spot—working with the body is her calling. Thus in 2011, Rachel joined her first CrossFit Gym and then began teaching Yoga and Mobility at three different CrossFit locations. Finally home at Novem, Rachel is so happy to bring her niche-knowledge to this wonderful family of coaches. Along with coaching, Rachel plans to regularly compete in both Weightlifting Competitions as well at CrossFit throw-downs alongside fellow Members to represent the awesomeness that is Novem Nation.

•   E-RYT 500 (2009)
•   Certified Prenatal Yoga Instructor (CPYT 2010)
•   Certified Pilates Teacher (CPT 2010)
•   AED/CPR Certified
•   CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (2016)

Tony Grecco
(Assistant CrossFit & BootCamp Coach, Competition Team Captain)

Tony “Mighty Mouse” Grecco discovered CrossFit while stationed in Arizona in the summer of 2012. His Commander had a running bet with the soldiers in the company that if anyone could beat his WOD time they would be excused from additional duties. Tony was instantly hooked, and never had additional duty. Upon returning to the East coast, Tony made the trek from Connecticut to Philadelphia, and officially joined the Novem family – he was home! Tony’s Novem experience is literally out of the box. As an Army Reservist, he has been the program director for weight management, master fitness trainer for his unit, and has served as head of the Lifestyle Fitness Program, which instills healthy eating and training habits in soldiers. Tony regularly reps the Novem family in Strongman, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, and CrossFit competitions; earning Nationals qualifying numbers and setting a state record in PA for deadlift. As an “OG” of the Novem Nation competition team, he seeks to help every member realize their full athletic potential while reminding everyone how fun their fitness journey can be.

• Crossfit Level 1 (2015)
• AED/CPR Certified
• Current PA state record holder in Raw 66kg weight class in deadlift

Guthrie Lewis
(Assistant Coach)

Growing up, Guthrie was extremely active and about as competitive as you can get with basketball and baseball. Once he reached high school, athletics took a back seat to his interests in various arts. Wanting to get in shape towards the beginning of college he joined a gym and started a pretty standard body building routine. In 2011, after searching for a workout that would keep him engaged and would actually give him some results, I tried a few CrossFit main-site workouts at my college gym. And loved it. Guthrie bought a barbell and a set of weights with the money he had made from a summer job, went to a CrossFit nearby to learn a bit more, and before long he was devoting the majority of his time to CrossFit. Guthrie is originally from NYC and has been coaching since 2014.

• Crossfit Level 1 & 2 Certified
• AED/CPR Certified
• USAW-L1 & L2
• OPEX CCP Candidate

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