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  • WOD 110811: Heavy Prowlers!

    WOD 110811: Heavy Prowlers!

    Today we broke out the push prowler for the strength portion of the workout.  Many of our seasoned members found this to be a very challenging  yet fun exercise.   What is more functional than pushing something heavy down the street?For the conditioning workout we introduced the kettlebell racked lunge into our ever-growing arsenal of movements

  • WOD 110711: Push Press Run

    WOD 110711: Push Press Run

    Today we worked on the Push Press, focusing on form with a heavy weight overhead.  Everyone did a great job working on the explosive hips to drive the weight up.  Most of our members went for their one rep max but for those that did not set a baseline for the future.  We have seen

  • WOD 110611: “Fran”

    WOD 110611: “Fran”

    Happy Sunday everyone!  Today we tackled one of the more famous CrossFit benchmarks.  Although it seems like a fast workout it is definitely one of the more grueling ones.   Shout out goes to Brian Terpak for setting a new personal record for his Fran time!  Nice work Terps! From talking to people who have

  • WOD 110511: Buddy Carry and much more!

    WOD 110511: Buddy Carry and much more!

    Teamwork and communication was the name of the game for this team workout!  We had fantastic attendance in both the 9am and 10am class.  Saturdays are fast becoming the class to be!  We introduced the buddy carry and burpee box jumps and everyone did an awesome job with these two challenging movements! Congrats to Andi

  • WOD 110411: CrossFit Total

    WOD 110411: CrossFit Total

    Today we did the benchmark The CrossFit Total.  For many of us this was the first time we had executed all the lifts in the same workout.  The beginners focused on form under a heavy load while our more experienced people went all out for their one rep max.  Want to see how you stacked

  • WOD 110311: Rope Climbs Run Double Unders Ball Slams

    WOD 110311: Rope Climbs Run Double Unders Ball Slams

    What a fun filled day at CrossFit Novem!  Today we worked on Rope Climbs focusing on technique.  Everyone did an awesome job at Skill portion of the movement.  We even had successful first time rope climbers!  Just check out the pics below!  For the second part of the workout we did some double unders and

  • WOD 110211: Snatches!

    WOD 110211: Snatches!

    Today we focused the Olympic lift the Snatch.  Explosive power and technique are the essential ingredients to completing this complex movement.  Everyone did an excellent job performing the lift working with a challenging weight.  If you ever want to practice this lift or anything else that you have trouble with, come to open gym on

  • WOD110111: Deadlift Pushup Run

    WOD110111: Deadlift Pushup Run

    Today we wanted to concentrate on getting a one rep max on our Deadlifts.  Not only is this movement important in the CrossFit world, it is essential in everyday life.  What is more functional then picking up heavy stuff from the ground and lifting it up?  Remember form and technique is crucial not only complete

  • WOD 103111: Jackie-O-lantern

    WOD 103111: Jackie-O-lantern

    Happy Halloween everyone! Today we did standing broad jumps for distance to work on explosiveness from the hips.  Even though many people had not done the movement everyone did a great job!   For the workout we decided to put our new rowers to good use by hitting the benchmark “Jackie”.  Here are some helpful

  • WOD 10302011: Power Cleans Knees to Elbows

    WOD 10302011: Power Cleans Knees to Elbows

    Happy Sunday Team Novem!   Today for the strength portion of the workout we focused on Low Bar Back Squats.  Although it was the first time that Andrew did this movement he did a great job focusing on form and range of motion.  For the WOD we did a 8 minute AMRAP with Power Cleans

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