(215) 291-2968 Tuesday - May 21, 2019
  • WOD 012012: Deadlift Chest to Bar Pullups Burpees

    WOD 012012: Deadlift Chest to Bar Pullups Burpees

    Today we worked on Deadlifts trying to get either a new 5 rep max or trying to get more than 5 reps on your last set.  For the workout we did a AMRAP of pullups and burpees.  Congrats to Chris for doing his first workout with kipping pullups with no bands!  Just about everyone had

  • Adios Amigo

    Adios Amigo

    Nick W will be moving to Costa Rica! So to send him off right we are heading going across the street to toast Nick in his great adventure! We are sad to see you go! The “Rich Coast” will be a whole lot richer with you on them brother! Don’t be a stranger! We love

  • WOD 011912: 7 Rounds

    WOD 011912: 7 Rounds

    Today we worked on Turkish Getups for the Skill portion of the workout.  Even though it was the first time for a lot of our folks doing this movement they did a fantastic job throughout the exercise.  For the WOD we did a 7 round workout consisting of Push Presses, Kipping Pullups, and Med Ball

  • WOD 011812: Jerks Knees to Elbows Racked Lunges

    WOD 011812: Jerks Knees to Elbows Racked Lunges

    Happy Hump day everyone!  Today we worked on either the Split Jerk or the Push Jerk for the strength portion of the workout.  When doing either of these movements the most important thing is to focus on speed under the bar. For the conditioning workout we did an AMRAP of Knees to Elbows and Racked



    The time has finally come where we are enforcing the sign up for class rule, sooner than expected which is a GREAT thing! What this means is that our community is growing and in order to ensure quality in your instruction and limited class sizes we are asking all of our athletes to sign up

  • WOD 011512: PWRFC On-Ramp

    WOD 011512: PWRFC On-Ramp

    Today we had the PWRFC come check out what CrossFit Novem was all about.  Everyone did a fantastic job not only learning the movements but even got their sweat on with Football Gone Bad with a Twist!  We hope that they left with some really cool tips on how to workout and we hope that

  • WOD 011511: JT

    WOD 011511: JT

    Happy Sunday Everyone!  We had awesome attendance for our 9am class with 7 folks coming to get their sweat on before they start their day!  Please welcome Leah and Tierney for hitting their first workout today!  We are glad to have you guys! Skill 10 Minutes Rope Climbs WOD “JT” 21-15-9 Handstand Pushups Ring Dips

  • WOD 011412: Squat Till You Drop!

    WOD 011412: Squat Till You Drop!

    Today we had Lee from CrossFit South Philly come in as the guest trainer for our 10a class.  We did a fun little Team WOD focusing on Squats, Deadlifts, Ring Rows, Double Unders, and KB Swings.  Great job by both teams for rocking out this challenging but great team building workout!  Nice work folks!  

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