(215) 291-2968 Tuesday - May 21, 2019
  • Cindy


    IT’S OFFICIAL! Patrick set the high mark in the morning with 22+ rounds, while Colin did the entire workout with a 30lb vest!  In the evening Nick V. did his first “Cindy” Rx with a solid score of 11+ rounds.  Awesome job Nick! Special shout out goes to the two full on-ramp classes who battled

  • BOOM!


    Grand Opening! Today was the beginning of a new chapter in CrossFit Novem!    We had visitors from CrossFit Rock Solid, CrossFit Manayunk, CrossFit South Philly, and many others from the area.  As for the top finishers of this fun 10 minute AMRAP, we have David Lee from CrossFit Manayunk and Lesha Meyer from CrossFit Novem! 

  • Last Chance To Register!

    Last Chance To Register!

    Hi Y’all! Today is that last day for registering for our inaugural WOD, this Saturday October 1st! If you have not signed up yet but have told us you are interested please email us at events@crossfitnovem.com and let us know your name and affiliate if you would like to participate in the workout! We still

  • Crossfitnovem.com Finally Launched!

    Crossfitnovem.com Finally Launched!

    It’s been a busy couple of weeks back here at the ranch, but as you can see we dug deep and finally launched our new website!  Be patient while we get all the bells and whistles fine tuned.  Photos, more information and lots of other good things coming soon. Our online signup should be up

  • CrossFit Novem Build Out

    CrossFit Novem Build Out

    It was another big weekend here at CrossFit Novem! With the help of Nick Vacirca, Nick Wendowski, Ashley White, Kate Pope, along with others, we were able to completely finish painting the walls, assemble the pullup bars, put up the awesome sign, finish the office, and much more! A special shout out goes to Samantha

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