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Workout of the day.

  • WOD 020212: Double Unders Wallballs Burpees

    WOD 020212: Double Unders Wallballs Burpees

    Happy Thursday folks!  For the skill portion of the class our crew worked on those elusive double unders.   Almost everyone  that tried it got at least a couple of them.  Nice work guys!  Remember to relax your shoulders, fast wrist, and above all else PRACTICE! We encourage everyone who got a few to do

  • WOD 210112: Nate

    WOD 210112: Nate

    Happy February everyone!  We wanted kick off the first of the month by doing this really tough hero WOD.  Good ole Nate!  Everyone really stepped it up by trying not to scale the exercises throughout the entire WOD.  Nice job by Andrea for doing her first WOD with handstand pushups and Andy for doing his

  • WOD 013112: Rinse and Repeat

    WOD 013112: Rinse and Repeat

    Today was a good day to take advantage of the nice weather and to test our discipline during our sprints. I saw some folks look at the board and say “Run 400m for 6 rounds…with a rest?… no problem!” WRONG! This interval workout is designed to push you EVERY SINGLE ROUND! The main objective was

  • WOD 013012: Plank Double Unders Pushups

    WOD 013012: Plank Double Unders Pushups

    Happy Monday folks!  We are so glad that the website is finally back and functional.  Now we can put up all the pictures of you guys on the websites again! We worked on Deadlifts today focusing on working through 5 reps of 3 sets with the same weight across.  Nice job by Walt and Terps

  • WOD 012912: Snatch Sundays!

    WOD 012912: Snatch Sundays!

    Today we worked on Snatching as the primary component for the strength and conditioning portions of the workout.  Its great to see everyone’s form is starting to improve for this movement!  We also had Rob and Kristin come visit us from CFSP!!  Please come back anytime to get a WOD in! Strength: Snatch 15 minutes

  • WOD 012812: Head to Head

    WOD 012812: Head to Head

    Happy Saturday folks!  For this Team WOD had everyone go head to head against someone from the opposite team for total reps.  Nice job by Whitney who did 110 mountain climbers in 2 minutes!  Nice work! WOD Mountain Climbers Kipping Pullups Box Jumps Bear Complex Burpees KB Swings (24/16) Situps 2 minutes at each station

  • WOD 012612: Skill Du Jour!

    WOD 012612: Skill Du Jour!

    Happy Thursday folks!  So today we had our members work on a few different skills before going into the metcon.  Congrats to Laura for getting her first handstands, Whitney getting her first double unders, Drew, Doug, and Russell on their first kipping pullups!  Nice work folks!  For the WOD we did a 7 round workout

  • WOD 012512: TABATA…

    WOD 012512: TABATA…

    Happy Hump Day folks!  Today we did a challenging WOD with 6 different exercises TABATA style!  Even though it was long and grueling, everyone did a great job pushing through the entire workout!  Nice job folks! Remember folks that when doing any workout make sure that you guys are focusing on form and range of

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