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CrossFit Novem’s Athlete of the Month: Meagan

Behind the scenes with our CrossFit Novem’s Athletes of the Month, Meagan!

What got you into CrossFit?

Realizing I was pretty unhappy with feeling out of shape and also I had noodle arms and couldn’t lift anything. Working in a kitchen will make you realize how not strong you are – a 50# bag of sugar is half of me, and I needed to be able to move that shit on the reg!

Name a fitness goal that you have.
I always say it and never work on it, so maybe this is a great way to hold myself accountable – I want to be able to hold a handstand like legit hold it not like I got lucky and stayed up there for a few seconds and then came down but like *really hold it* for an extended period of time, ya know?

Tell us one thing about yourself that no one in the gym knows about you.

I am a crazy neat freak and I *love* making spreadsheets for trips and projects. I am also obsessed with house plants and gardening despite not being gifted naturally with a green thumb – I have learned so much!

What is your Athletic background?

I danced from a young age until high school and then became a nerdy art kid and never did anything physical ever at all until joining crossfit about 4 years ago.


Favorite Benchmark, wod, and lift.

Benchmark: Murph, is that so lame? Also does it count? Is a hero wod still a benchmark wod? I think so yea? Anyways, I love that I have done it every year since joining CF and without a doubt have measurable progress each year. This year I did 100% legit pushups the whole way through! My time went up but I was finally strong enough to kick the hand release to the curb. Progress!!!

WOD: Hmm anything with double unders and pullups. Actually, let’s be honest anything that isn’t wallballs or the bike – not fun when you are small.

Lift: Cleans or squats. My wonky elbow can’t handle the snatch anymore but that just means I get to clean twice as often and I am not complaining 🙂

How has CrossFit impacted your life?
WOW gonna be cheesy here but it totally changed my life! Thanks to CF I have learned how to have a super awesome and healthy relationship with my body for the first time ever and I feel PROUD of how strong I am! These are milestones for me and the gym has become a total sanctuary. After a long stressful day at work I can always count on a trip to the gym to clear my head. The community is so supportive and I feel healthier – physically AND mentally – than I have ever been.

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