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$149 for 6, 1- hour sessions + 2 Weeks of a 3x Week CrossFit & BootCamp Membership:
(The On-Ramp is held on Monday-Wednesday-Friday evenings at 7:30PM – 8:30PM for Two Weeks)

All new members, regardless of fitness level or athletic background, must attend our On-Ramp Course, which we think of as “CrossFit 101.″ The On-Ramp Course consists of 6 group training sessions where clients learn CrossFit’s nine basic fundamental movements, along with gaining knowledge of our philosophy, workout regimen, and fitness safety. After these classes are completed you will get two weeks of a 3x a week CrossFit and Bootcamp trial membership before having to decide which program fits you best.

On-Ramp gives you and our coaches an idea of your current fitness level. Knowing your baseline for fitness before you enter a class will ensure that you and your coach can scale your workout to the appropriate level of intensity so that you get the hardest – and safest – workout possible. Every movement and every workout can be scaled and tailored to you as an individual even though you are in a group setting. Most importantly, CrossFit is FUN and anyone can do it!

On-Ramp Attendance Policy:

You MUST complete all 6, 1 hour sessions to gain a CrossFit Novem membership. Skipping or missing one of these sessions will forfeit your initial On-Ramp fee and you will not be able to proceed with the two week trial membership. Any session that is missed will need to be made up and will result in a personal training session fee which will be an additional $60 per hour, per person.

*No refunds – due to the limited size and availability of our On-Ramp program we can not grant any refunds. We can however we can credit your account for future On-Ramp sessions.

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$180 for 3, 60 Minute sessions. These 3 sessions can be schedule with a coach at your convenience. Once all 3 sessions are completed, you are eligible to a two week CrossFit/BootCamp trial membership.


3-Times-A-Week (3x) Membership: $120/month

Unlimited Membership: $145/month
BootCamp Couples 3xweek membership: $205 for 3x a week

BootCamp Couples unlimited membership: $250 for unlimited classes a week

BOOTCAMP PUNCH PASS: $175 for 10 BootCamp
Ten Class Punch Pass:$20

(No CrossFit experience is needed to attend BootCamp classes)

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Have you already been exposed to CrossFit? Or has it been a while since you last to a CrossFit class and need a quick refresher? Sign up for a one hour assessment with one of our trainers by emailing us at info@crossfitnovem.com! There is a $25 charge for the assessment.


Unlimited Membership: $185/month
3x a Week Membership: $170/month

2x a Week Membership: $150/month

Drop-Ins (We love ‘em! You Must Be Experienced in CrossFit for at least 3 months): $20

First Responders, Police Officers, and Active Military Unlimited Membership: $120/month

Couples Discount (those that play together stay together!):

Unlimited Membership: $315/month

3x a Week Membership: $290/month

Classes at CrossFit Novem are one hour long sessions that consist of constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. Workouts combine calisthenics, gymnastics, weightlifting, running, tire flipping, rope climbing, jumping, and just about everything else you can imagine. Every class is different and you never know what you’re going to get!

We recognize that each individual’s abilities and initial fitness level will be unique. Each movement and each class is universally scalable in order to accommodate everyone’s abilities. We expect you to work hard, make fitness gains, and have fun while doing it!

*Students, Fire Fighters, Military, Law Enforcement and Teachers receive a 10% discount with valid identification.
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Schedule a personal, one-on-one session with our coaches.  Whether you want to work on a particular movement, build a customized strength program, or train for your next triathlon, we will work with you to achieve your goals.

Personal training is by an hourly rate and by appointment only.  To schedule an appointment and get pricing, email us at info@crossfitnovem.com.



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