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Novem Barbell Club’s Athlete of the Month: Kim

Behind the scenes with our Barbell Athlete of the Month, Kim!

How or when did your focus shift to concentrating on Novem’s Barbell Club programming? My focus to BB changed about 2 months ago. I was never really good at Olympic/Power lifting but wanted to get better. So I started going to the powerlifting classes and feel in love. There is a real camaraderie in the yard. Tell us one thing about yourself that no one in the gym knows about you. I love to dance and started Tango lessons last summer. Not very good at it yet but will get there!

What is your Athletic background? No athletic background. I always worked out, running and gym workouts but wasn’t getting any real results. A friend of mine turned me onto CrossFit about 8 years ago and I was hooked. I have been at Novem off and on for about 8 years. I have never felt stronger, more confident and have a sense of belonging as I do here… Everyone is so supportive no matter what your fitness level or age.

What is your favorite of the two competition lifts and why? 2 favorite lifts are: deadlift and bench press. Just learned a new deadlift technique (thanks to Jessi) and now my squats are parallel. FINALLY! Bench Press makes me feel strong and thanks to the pushing of my bench press partner Kristi, I have improved since the start of this cycle.

What do you find most rewarding with the competition style of lifting? I am no longer intimidated by weights – maybe because we count in kilos so it doesn’t seem that heavy but when I convert to pounds- I am proud of what I can lift and want to keep pushing myself to lift more.

Do you have any goals or aspirations to compete? No goals or aspirations to compete- I just want to live to be 95 and this is helping me get there.

How has Novem Barbell Club impacted your training and your life? I don’t even know where to begin. I have always been a pretty positive person but BB has taken it to a whole new level. If I feel anxiety or stress from work or everyday life- I know going to BB will make me feel better.

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