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Novem Barbell Club’s Athlete of the Month: Mike Woods

Behind the scenes with our Barbell Athlete of the Month, Mike Woods!

How or when did your focus shift to concentrating on Novem’s Barbell Club programming?
My focus shifted mainly because of crossfit. Any time we cleaned or snatched regardless if it was squat or power I would still just muscle it up. I realized in order to put up more weight and not hurt myself in the process I needed to work on my technique so that’s where barbell came in.

Tell us one thing about yourself that no one in the gym knows about you.
Some people know this but before moving to Fishtown in January 2017 I was living in Cork, Ireland from 2014-2016 and also during that time I lived in Manila, Philippines for four months or so in 2016.

What is your Athletic background?
This could fit in question 2 as well but my bowling team the Gutter Punks are the North Bowl Wednesday Night Summer 2017 League Champions… bowling counts as an athletic sport right? I mean have you seen the pros! Chris Volz was also a part of that team but we have since kicked him off for lack of interest and low skill level, primarily the latter. Outside of bowling I played baseball in high school and a men’s wooden bat league in college. Still love throwing the ball around.

What is your favorite of the two competition lifts and why?
Clean and jerk at the moment. I’ve seen a steady increase in weight as my technique progresses.

What do you find most rewarding with the competition style of lifting?
That feeling when you hit a big lift and its done correctly. You know you did it right when it feels and looks good. As Joe says, “Fast is slow and slow is fast”… or some variation of that saying (that’s clearly not right).

Do you have any goals or aspirations to compete?
Not at the moment but I had a lot of fun during the Subverses v Novem competition. Maybe down the road locally but that’s a ways away.

How has Novem Barbell Club impacted your training and your life?
I’m a 6am crossfitter so since moving the barbell time to 6:30pm I’ve been able to do
both some days. Usually Mondays, Wednesdays, and the occasional Friday. I’ve definitely seen some results training wise since doing both. Also before barbell I only really knew the morning crew so now I’m getting to know the night people as well. The dojo definitely allows me to spread my social butterfly wings as its slower paced and there’s more time for the chats!

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