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Novem BootCamp’s Athlete of the Month: Iris

Behind the scenes with our BootCamp Athlete of the Month, Iris.

What made you decide to join our Novem BootCamp?
When I moved to Philly, I tested out a variety of gyms and classes trying to find something that motivated me with challenging (but fun) workouts and a community driven atmosphere. Out of all of the gyms I tried, Novem Bootcamp was the stand-out. The coaches genuinely care about us- and it shows in the programming!

Name a fitness goal that you have.
I would love to be able to do strict pull-ups. Overall, developing my upper-body strength is an ongoing goal.

Tell us one thing about yourself that no one in the gym knows about you.
I am a published editor for a scholarly Adult Education book.

What is your Athletic background?
I have always enjoyed being active whether it’s running, hiking, or taking fitness classes like zumba, yoga, and kick boxing with friends. In Texas, I went to a crossfit gym really similar to Novem that I loved. I’m so thankful that Novem has filled that same niche for me here in Philly!

What is your Favorite and Least Favorite Movement? Why?
Battle ropes are my favorite because I have seen a lot of progress in that movement. I used to really struggle with them but now I feel powerful! My least favorite movement is pull-ups because they are my weakness. But I’m working on it!

How has BootCamp changed your outlook on everyday life?
Bootcamp makes me feel good! I always leave feeling strong, motivated, empowered and energized. Finding a workout community and steady routine has also helped make Philly feel like home.

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