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Novem BootCamp

Novem Bootcamp emphasizes cardiovascular health and endurance through fast paced workouts utilizing bodyweight movements, running, kettlebells, and dumbbells. We move through a series of challenging but fun interval and circuit workouts to increase muscle tone, improve health, and increase balance. Bootcamp workouts not only will get your heart heart rate up but will leave you energized.

Classes are 1 hour and capped to 20 members in order to ensure you get the supportive coaching you need. Novem Bootcamp is coached by our certified trainers and is a great way to get a taste of what CrossFit has to offer without barbells and limited gymnastic movements.

(*No CrossFit experience required.)

Novem BootCamp
1732 N. Howard Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122

3-Times-A-Week (3x) Membership: $120/month
Unlimited Bootcamp Monthly Membership $145 / month

BootCamp Couples 3-Times-A-Week (3x) Membership: $205 / month
BootCamp Couples Unlimited Membership: $250 / month

One BootCamp Class: $20 (No CrossFit experience needed)

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