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Novem Yoga: Mobility & Movement


At Novem we strive to bring together people for more than just fitness, but for total well-being. Whether you’re working on strength, endurance, weight-loss, coordination, speed, you name it: Novem offers programming that will complement your goals. And the greatest complement to all of these endeavors is a solid and consistent Movement and Mobility practice! At Novem Yoga, Rachel strives to build programming that will further your fitness journey. Through a carefully curated mix of restorative “basic” poses, structured and athletically-driven alignment practices, and a welcoming environment that encourages relaxation and a good laugh, we will put mind and body at ease.  Add in some targeted breath work and you have a program built to sharpen your lifts, increase your stamina, and prepare you to WOD another day.

A movement/mobility program like Novem Yoga provides athletes with an opportunity to release muscle tension, relieve joint pain, and create a well-being protocol to keep you injury-free. No yoga experience is necessary, just a mat (or large towel!) and a willingness to be stronger, more flexible, and more aware. And not to worry: even yoga is scalable.

Novem Yoga Location:

Novem BootCamp
1732 N. Howard Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122

Novem Yoga Schedule:

Sunday Morning at 11:00AM-12:00PM

(Please bring your own yoga mat to class.)

Pricing for Yoga Classes:
Unlimited Membership = $60
(*for Novem CrossFit & BootCamp members only.)

10 Card Punch Pass = $90.00

Drop-In Rate = $10.00

*Open to All Novem Members and public. Please bring a friend!

Register For Classes:

Sign Up For Yoga

*All classes must be booked and paid for through MindBody. Novem members and non-members may register for yoga.

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